AA: are y0u flirting with me

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AA: are y0u flirting with me Empty AA: are y0u flirting with me

Post  ectoBiologist on Thu May 19, 2011 6:21 pm

So i was configuring quirk shit for my PesterChum handle, and i suddenly got pestered by... apocolypseArisen.
So i responded.
Then this happened kept happening. i told you about ara
-- apocalypseArisen [AA] began pestering jerkassAmnesiac [JA] at 04:06 --
AA: hell0
JA: What.
AA: s0 what manner 0f creature are y0u
JA: ...What mann£r of qu£$tion i$ that.
AA: i was curi0us
AA: because y0u d0 n0t seem t0 be a tr0ll
JA: I'v£ b££n known to troll $om£tim£$.
AA: 0h i see
AA: s0 y0u are 0ne 0f th0se things
JA: What thing$.
AA: an alien
JA: ...$ur£, what£v£r.
JA: I think i'll $t£p out.
AA: if y0u must
JA: ...
JA: Oka¥, now i'm ¢uriou$. Th£ h£ll do ¥ou m£an b¥ "Ali£n"?
AA: i mean y0u are n0t a tr0ll
JA: Lik£ i $aid, i HAV£ troll£d.
AA: that d0es n0t make any sense
AA: are y0u speaking in terms 0f the acti0n
JA: D£rp.
AA: what d0es that mean
JA: It m£an$ "Obviou$l¥" or $om£thing to that £ff£¢t.
JA: Ar£n't ¥ou a troll or $om£thing?
AA: yes
JA: Oka¥, go ah£ad.
AA: what
JA: Troll m£.
AA: 0_0
AA: are y0u asking me t0 perf0rm spiteful acti0ns up0n y0u
JA: No, m£r£l¥ inviting.
JA: ¢om£ at m£ bro.
AA: what is this br0 w0rd
JA: ...It m£an$ "broth£r".
AA: 0h
AA: y0ur lusus
JA: M¥ what?
JA: ...$ur£, what£v£r.
AA: i am n0t y0ur lusus i am afraid
JA: ¥£ah, i know. It wa$n't to b£ tak£n lit£rall¥.
AA: i see
AA: s0 it was in fact a metaph0r
JA: D£rp.
AA: ah y0u are using that w0rd again
JA: Look, man.
AA: i am n0t a man
AA: i am a girl
JA: ...Right. What£v£r.
JA: Look, $i$t£r.
AA: what is this sister w0rd
JA: ...LOOK, $I$T£R.
JA: I und£r$tand that ¥ou ar£ trolling m£ r£l£ntl£$$l¥.
JA: And i will $a¥ onl¥ thi$:
JA: ¥ou ar£ trolling troll$.
AA: but i th0ught y0u said y0u were n0t a tr0ll
JA: ...I'm NOT a troll.
JA: But i do troll o¢¢a$$ionall¥.
AA: 0_0
JA: What?
AA: i suddenly d0 n0t understand everything
AA: what bizzare race are y0u
JA: ...Human, of ¢our$£?
AA: 0h
AA: i have heard ab0ut y0u
JA: I damn w£ll hop£ ¥ou hav£.
JA: ¥ou'r£ on£ too, r£m£mb£r.
AA: i am afraid n0t
JA: ...Uh, what?
AA: i am n0t a human i am afraid
JA: Oka¥, now ¥ou'r£ ju$t b£ing $tupid.
AA: 0_0
JA: ¥ou $hould tak£ $om£ advi¢£ from th£ B£TT£R TROLL$.
AA: well pard0n me
AA: i am perfectly 0k with my bl00d
AA: and d0 n0t think the bl00d matters much in terms 0f class
JA: Wh¥ ar£ ¥ou talking about blood all of a $udd£n?!
JA: Oka¥, look, lad¥. What "ra¢£" ar£ ¥ou?
AA: i am a tr0ll
JA: D£££££££££££££££RP.
AA: 0_0
JA: Oka¥, but $£riou$l¥.
JA: What bizzar£ ra¢£.
AA: as i t0ld y0u
AA: i am a tr0ll
JA: ...$o ¥ou ar£ in fa¢t $om£thing mad£ to antagoni$£ p£opl£.
AA: that is n0t true
AA: we d0 n0t antag0nise purp0sefully
AA: n0t always
JA: ...Tou¢hé. I $uppo$£ i $££ ¥our point, $££ing a$ i hav£ troll£d b£for£.
JA: L£t m£ humour ¥ou for a $£¢ond, mi$$ troll.
JA: What do£$ ¥our "ra¢£" look lik£?
AA: well
AA: we are a m0stly gray skinned pe0ple which ass0rted h0rns hatched in ass0rted hives raised by ass0rted lusus
JA: ...A u$£ful thing to know b£for£ i di£.
JA: Wh¥, i ¢ould di£ right now with that in¢r£dibl¥ u$£ful information.
JA: Ju$t la¥ down, r£lax and wait for m£ to ki¢k th£ bu¢k£t.
AA: 0_0
AA: 0_0
JA: What now?
AA: please refrain fr0m such c0arse language
JA: ¢oar$£? Languag£?
JA: I... Don't g£t it.
AA: y0ur previ0us statement ab0ut kicking
AA: was rather
AA: embarrassing
JA: ...About ki¢king th£ bu¢k£t?
AA: 0_0
AA: 0h my
JA: ...
JA: What i$ $o wrong with that phra$£?
AA: i
AA: are y0u flirting with me
JA: What?! No!
JA: I ju$t $aid "ki¢k th£ bu¢k£t", and ¥ou'r£ throwing a fit.
AA: 0_0
AA: i
AA: i am blushing pr0fusely n0w
AA: please st0p
JA: ...¥ou'r£ a¢tuall¥ $£riou$.
JA: $om£thing about that phra$£ A¢TUALL¥ £mbarra$$£$ ¥ou.
JA: Or ¥ou'r£ ju$t trolling b£tt£r now.
JA: "Ki¢king".
AA: um
AA: that was n0t it
JA: ...Bu¢k£t?
AA: 0_0
JA: $o that'$ th£ word?
AA: please
AA: d0n't
JA: ...Bu¢k£t.
AA: please st0p this filthy flirting
JA: I'm not flirting with ¥ou.
JA: Although thi$ di$pla¥ of $££mingl¥ g£nuin£ £mbarra$$m£nt i$... Kinda ¢ut£.
AA: 0h
AA: i
AA: i d0nt
JA: ...Oka¥, i ¢ould $top $a¥ing it if ¥ou'r£ THAT ant$¥ about it.
AA: please
AA: please d0 st0p
JA: Alright, alright.
JA: $orr¥.
AA: its 0k
JA: ...$in¢£ w£'r£ talking, what might ¥our nam£ b£?
AA: ah
AA: my name is aradia
JA: ...Uniqu£ nam£. M¥ nam£ i$ Ro$$.
AA: it is a pleasure t0 meet y0u r0ss
JA: Th£ f££ling'$ mutual.
AA: but
AA: please refrain fr0m the dirty language in the future
AA: it felt like y0u were flirting with me
JA: ...I ¢ould flirt if ¥ou want£d m£ to.
JA: I have a wa¥ with th£ laaaaaaadi£$.
AA: 0_0
AA: 0_0
AA: 0_0
JA: I wa$ kidding, i wa$ kidding!
AA: ah
AA: please d0nt d0 that
AA: i am blushing again
JA: ¢ut£.
JA: But an¥wa¥.
JA: Ar£ ¥ou a¢tuall¥ $£riou$ about thi$ troll thing?
AA: well
AA: yes
JA: P£rhap$ ¥ou ¢ould provid£ $om£ proof.
AA: well
AA: what if i sent y0u
AA: a picture 0f me
JA: I... Gu£$$ that'd do?
AA: 0kay then
AA: http://filesmelt.com/dl/old_photo.PNG
JA: Oh wow.
JA: That i$ £ith£r $om£ v£r¥ r£ali$ti¢ mak£up, or ¥ou w£r£n't kidding.
JA: $a¥, what ar£ tho$£ on ¥our h£ad?
AA: my h0rns
JA: Oh, i $££.
JA: ...¥ou do look kinda ¢ut£.
JA: If ¥ou don't mind m£ $a¥ing $o.
AA: 0_0
AA: thank y0u i supp0se
JA: ¥ou'r£ w£l¢om£, Aradia.
AA: i guess i sh0uld leave f0r n0w
JA: If ¥ou wi$h.
JA: ¥ou mu$t t£ll m£ mor£ about ¥ou $om£tim£.
JA: I'm torn b£tw££n thinking i'm b£ing troll£d and wanting to b£li£v£ ¥ou might b£ an ali£n thing.
AA: alright
AA: i c0uld tell y0u m0re s0metime
AA: w0uld that be 0k
JA: $ur£, thank$.
AA: well
AA: g00dbye r0ss
JA: B¥£, Aradia. $p£ak to m£ wh£n£v£r.
-- jerkassAmnesiac [JA] ceased pestering apocalypseArisen [AA] at 04:49 --

Suddenly i have a lust for Aradia rule 34. Is this a side effect of talking to 'Aradia'?

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